Have you met the Archer Family Yet?

I had to pleasure of reading this wonderful story last night, If you haven't met the Archer Family yet, I recommend you remedy that very soon!

This is by far my favorite addition to the Ribbon Ridge series, I thoroughly enjoyed reading Kyle and Maggie's story. Their story grabbed my attention right from the start, and kept me up reading until the wee hours of the morning, because the suspense was killing me and I had to know what was going to happen!

Kyle returns home to Ribbon Ridge, after a four year hiatus, in an attempt to reclaim his spot in the family and also try to re-earn the respect that was long ago lost because of his poor choices. Which proves to be quite a challenge for him, but while on his mission to redeem himself, he sets out to find out more about his brother's death, and seeks the help of his brother's therapist, Maggie. With each of their encounter's he begins to let go of the anger he once had for her, and replaces it with a deep desire to know more about her, so he turns on his playboy charm in hopes of winning her over. Which doesn't go according to plan for him, because she is a wounded and very guarded soul who has no desire to fall in love or have anything to do with the likes of Kyle. The chemistry between these two is like a slow burning flame, and the longer it smolders the hotter it gets, which in turn, makes for some REALLY intense and steamy scenes that will leave you blushing! 

This series has been truly been a literary treat for me to read, and I cannot wait to see what Ms. Burke has in store for the Archer Family next!