Win Me Over Releases Sept. 1st!!

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book, it was definitely a very memorable first read for me, and has put Ms. Michaels on my must read author list! 

Callie Daniels is a small town girl, equipped with a with a big heart, feisty spirit, and known to be quite comfortable with speaking her mind. She has recently moved to town, opened her own little bakery, and spends her days making delectable little treats for the residents of Preston, Missouri. She is not real fond of talking about her days as a beauty queen, and admits the one and only thing she really enjoyed about it was being able to dance. Dancing was her way of expressing herself, and served as an outlet of sorts, so when the opportunity to become the Preston High School Dance Coach presents itself, she jumps at the chance and figures it is as close to dancing as she will ever get again. When the principal asks her to help provide much needed dance lessons to the football coach for a charity event she eagerly agrees, fully expecting to be helping someone twice her age. But when she sets out to meet her new dance partner, she realizes her expectations were a little off, and instead finds that Mr.Bennett Clark is actually a young, and oh so gorgeous man...

Bennett Clark is a tall, dark, and handsome brooding man, who had to let his dreams of being a NFL football star go, after being hurt in a life altering accident. His past has turned him into a loner of sorts, and he relives his glory days on the football field as the Preston High School football coach. When he is not teaching Science to students in the classroom, he is studying the ins and outs of his football team, which leaves very little time for a personal life. When the principal offers him the opportunity to dance in a charity event, he isn't too thrilled with the idea, and turns him down flat. Then after a gorgeous blonde walks in to his classroom to announce that she would be his new dance coach and partner he begins to reconsider his decision. He discovers that if he participates in the charity event and wins he could help further the education of some of his students, by providing much needed scholarships. And the idea of spending a few weeks practicing with his gorgeous new coach definitely sweetens the deal... 

This story grabbed my attention right from the start and held onto it until the last page was turned. I absolutely loved reading this story, it was heartwarming, funny, packed with spice, and had me smiling the whole way through! Definitely one to add to the top of your reading list!!

ARC requested through NetGalley, and kindly provided by the publisher in exchange for a honest review.