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It's not everyday that you get a second chance at love, and for Jace McGraw he has chosen to take full advantage of his second opportunity at a chance to be with the love of his life. When he married his wife four years ago, he knew she was the one he was meant to spend the rest of his life with, however, he chose to walk away from her because he thought he would be the one thing to hold her back from achieving her goals. He walked away without so much as a goodbye, and completely broke his wife's heart. After finding out their annulment papers weren't filed correctly, and that their actually still married, he figures he now has the chance to prove to her that the spark between them is still there, and is hoping she'll let him back into her life. But how do you win someone's heart back in three weeks, when they want nothing to do with you? Fate has stepped in and given Jace a second chance to right a wrong he made four years ago, question is can he win her back in time, or will history repeat itself and have him walking away once again ...

Charlotte Holden is a successful doctor who has everything she ever wanted in life, except a special someone to spend her life with, she's tried but no one quite measures up to the bad boy who stole her heart four years ago. With her overbearing parents constantly intruding in her life, her father's high expectations and her mom's incessant need to try to set her up with someone, Charlotte is completely overwhelmed and in dire need of being rescued. As if on cue, the bad boy who walked away with her heart four years ago is back in Sugar and determined to win back her affections, only she isn't too willing to give him another chance to break what's left of her heart...

I knew from the very beginning Jace would be my favorite McGraw brother, and after paragraph into this story he completely cemented a spot in my heart. He was everything I thought he'd be and so much more, Ms. Adair completely outdid herself with him! This is one series you MUST add to the top of your reading list, the folks of Sugar, Georgia will have you laughing, smiling and blushing the whole way through! 

ARC kindly provided by the publisher in exchange for a honest and unbiased review.


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