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Holly Haggerty is no where near ready to walk down the aisle, let alone ready to start a family and become the doting housewife her family expects her to be. She likes her independence and has no problem with relationships with the opposite sex, as long as they don't lead to a marriage proposal or anything permanent. She thinks she has found a guy who understands her relationship requirements, and that he wants the same things she does, but when he changes his mind and wants more, their relationship implodes. Not only is Clark leaving her alone, but also in need of a plus one for a work party, so she turns to her best friend Roth Esterly.

Roth Esterly enjoys his single status, with the exception of his family constantly trying to set him up, and push him down the matrimonial aisle. His views of relationships and happily ever afters are quite similar to Holly's, which is probably why they get along so well. When Holly wanders across the hall in search of a plus one, he is more than willing to help out his friend... on one condition, they work out a deal to be each other's occasional plus one with no strings attached. He figures not only will it help him from having to attend events alone and receive the pity look from family and friends, but will also lead them to think he is in a relationship with Holly, which means an end to being set-up on dates. Holly likes his idea, and thinks its the perfect solution to their ongoing problem. But when they both start to see things in each other they never noticed before the lines of their deal become a little blurred, and have them questioning their just friends status...

This was my first time reading a book by this author, and I have to say it left a really good first impression, so much so, I plan to make a return visit to this series very soon. Being the second installment in the series, I was concerned I maybe a little lost, but I am happy to report that wasn't the case at all, I think this book could easily be read as a standalone title, however, after you read it you will be left dying to get your hands on the other books in the series! I love reading friends to lovers stories and this one definitely hit the mark, the chemistry between Roth and Holly was undeniable from the start, and I thoroughly enjoyed watching there story unfold. I highly recommend you add this one to the top of your reading list, its sure to leave you with a happy heart and smile on your face.

ARC requested through NetGalley and kindly provided by Entangled Publishing in exchange for a honest review.

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