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Trader Anders world is completely knocked off of it's axis when a golden haired beauty with mesmerizing blue eyes walks into his families bar, and into his life. As soon as he sees her he knows he is way out of her league, but there is just something about her that intrigues him, and has him craving her touch. When his sleazy cousin tries to make a move on her, he immediately steps in to save her from him, full well knowing that being this close to her is a huge mistake. But he can't stand to see his cousin putting the moves on her and feels the need to protect her, no matter the cost. One magnetic laced touch, a few naughty sentences later, and he is powerless to her, he has to have her, she is like a drug...and he is the addict who can't get enough.

Quinn has arrived in the little town of Mojave, Nevada to take care of her grandmother's final wishes, and prepare her home to be sold. In need of a break from packing she decides to check out the sights, and heads to the local bar for a little down time. As soon as she walks in the door she instantly becomes the center of attention, the locals are all staring at her, not only because she is beautiful, but also because she is an outsider. Shortly after pulling up a seat at the bar, and ordering a drink, a sleazy guy approaches, but is immediately intercepted by alluring man that has bad boy written all over him. She doesn't know quite what it is about him, but he draws her in, like a moth to a flame. No one has ever had this kind of effect on her, her desire to get up close and personal with him is so strong. He has her hanging on his every word, each one laced with a sexy raspy tone, that is packed with sexual tension, it's like he is a drug, and she is the addict that is craving him...

This is by far one of the most intense and enthralling stories Ms. Ryan has ever written, one sentence in and I had the strongest desire to know everything there was to know about Trader. His allure pulled me in and had me hanging on his every word. Definitely one that will be lingering with me for a while, and has left me dying for the next installment in the series.

If you haven't read a book by this author, now is the time to remedy that, you will love this book! It is AMAZINGLY satisfying!!!

Received an ARC in exchange for a honest and unbiased review.

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