Another Spicy MUST Read From Joya Ryan!!

After a near death experience gives Gage McGraw a little reality check he decides its time to try make some changes in his life. The idea of dying alone doesn't set well with him, so he decides it time to stop indulging in weekend affairs with a certain beautiful restaurant owner and convince her that it's time to make their relationship amount to a little more. They have been skating around each other for the last two years never once mentioning taking things to the next level, for fear of losing the good thing they have going. They enjoy each others company, but their both commitment phoebes who have no desire to be tied down, that is until now... Gage wants more, but now he has to convince Chloe that he's worth the risk.

Chloe Franklin has no interest in being tied down to one man, even the mere mention of it and she's ready to run for the door. After watching her mother slowly slip away after her dad walked out on them, she decided from that point on to never let a man get close enough to hurt her. She enjoys her sporadic weekend flings with Gage, and looks forward to seeing him, and she sees no reason to complicate things. When Gage shows up in her restaurant she is excited to see him, and pickup where they left off last time, but this time Gage has other plans, he wants a date. The minute the date word leaves his mouth she's ready to run....

Once again Ms. Ryan has created a spicy little tale that is sure to satisfy all of your reading needs, and then some! Gage and Chloe's story is packed with intensity, passion, and heated banter that will have blushing a time or two! The story line captivated my attention right from the start and had me burning right through the pages, and staying up well past my bed time just to finish it! Ms. Ryan never ceases to amaze me with her literary talents, every time she puts pen to paper she creates something truly unique and oh so fun to read! 

ARC requested through NetGalley, and kindly provided by Entangled Publishing in exchange for a honest and unbiased review.

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