Fun and Highly Entertaining Weekend Read!

Eden Durant moved to Shelbyville in search of a much needed new start, and to make a attempt at escaping her mother's fame and lackluster reputation. She is excited about opening her new business, and hopes the townspeople will be accepting of her approach to healthy eating. And little by little she is beginning to win some of them over, and has more customers trickling through the door, but someone isn't so fond of her new ideas and wants to run her and her business right out of town. Lucky for Eden she just so happens to have a very handsome deputy on her side who is more than willing to do all he can to keep her doors open...

Beck Childress has been enamored with Eden Durant she since moved to his little town, and he wants nothing more than to win a place in her heart. But she isn't so willing to let him in, so he has resorted to friendship first in hopes that he can slowly chip away at the wall she has built around herself. And just when he thinks his plan maybe working someone decides to put her business and life in danger, and also try to discredit his loyalty to her...

Once again Ms. Browning has provided readers with a highly entertaining story that they can dive right into and enjoy! I thoroughly enjoyed reading Beck and Eden's story, it was packed with heat, humor, and mystery that kept me intrigued from start to finish! If you haven't made a visit to the Texas Nights series yet, I must tell you that not only are you totally missing out on some exceptional reading, but also some really charming characters too!!

ARC provided in exchange for a honest and unbiased review.

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