Give It Up Hits Shelves Today!!

In this book you will find three short, but oh so sweet and steamy reads about a tantalizing trio of men and the women who capture their hearts.

The first story is titled "He Sees You When Your Sleeping", and is about Booker Dean and the beautiful neighbor that stole his heart. Booker has recently found himself stuck in a relationship with a woman he no longer sees a future with, and is trying to find the perfect way to let her down easy. He fears she is seeing wedding plans in the very near future, and he has no intention of being the lucky groom. But unbeknownst to him she is unhappy in the relationship too and tries to move on with his own brother, which pretty much seals the fate of the relationship and gives Booker the perfect opportunity to move on with his plan to steal the heart of his beautiful neighbor Frances.

The Second story titled "Some Like It Hot" is about Booker's friend Cary Rupert and his attempt to win the heart of sexy nurse Nora Chilton. Cary has been admiring Nora from afar for a while now, and wants nothing more than to be the man to capture her heart, she however, acts as though she wants nothing to do with the one night stand Romeo. Nora is attracted to the handsome doctor, but thinks her lack of experience in the bedroom will have him running the other direction.

The final story is titled "Playing Doctor" and is about Booker's brother Axel Dean and his attempt to win the heart of a mystery woman he falls hard for after only sharing a heated kiss with at a cocktail party. Axel has always been popular with the ladies, and it is known that he has no intention of settling down anytime soon, that is until he meets a mystery woman that has him wanting to change his wild ways.Their heated little make-out session is cut short when Axel finds out she is a virgin, knowing her little secret is more than Axel can bare and he flees without even getting her name or number. He never expects to see her again...but fate has other plans for these two...

No one does romance stories quite like Ms. Foster, each time I read one of her books I am left in awe of her talents and a reaffirmed belief that she is a truly gifted storyteller. She always manages to surprise me with her creative story lines, and well crafted characters. If you have not read one her books yet, I must first tell you that you are truly missing out on some exceptional reading, and that you are also missing out on the opportunity to meet some really amazing characters that are sure to leave you with a happy heart!!

ARC requested through NetGalley, and kindly provided by Kensington Books in exchange for a honest and unbiased review.

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