Have You Met The Men of the Jack'em Series Yet??

After living behind the confines of four cement walls for so long Jesse Joyner is more than eager to rejoin society and have the opportunity to enjoy the simple pleasures in life like breathing in fresh air, and indulging in sugary treats whenever his heart desires. Being closed off from the world for so long has taken it's toll on him, not only has it left him alone with his demons for far too long, but it also kept him away from the one girl who has held a special place in his heart since she first caught his eye in high school. He has always kept his feelings for her to himself, and has always thought that she is far better off not knowing how he truly feels about her, never realizing that the feelings just might happen to be mutual. And since he has returned home they have danced around one another, each one admiring the other, but both too scared to act on their feelings... that is until Rachel decides it's time to stake her claim on him. She wants to restore her fathers old motorcycle and knows he is the man for the job, he on the other hand is not so sure, can he work this closely with her and not let his true feelings show...

Rachel Chaseman spends her days dressed to the nines and fighting for the greater good, and while the work she is doing is rewarding, her personal life on the other hand is really dull, and in great need of a overhaul. She has harbored a crush for badboy Jesse Joyner for years, but always thought he wasn't interested in her, so she just continued to admire him afar. But now that he has returned home and is looking even more delectable than before she decides it's time to make her move, even if it only results in a one night affair. When her friend suggests she enlists his help in restoring her father's old motorcycle she thinks it's the perfect way to get to know him better, and has high hopes that working in close proximity to one another will be the perfect way for her to finally get the one on one attention from him she has been desiring for so long...

This story had me from the first sentence, Jesse and Rachel's capture my attention and had me hanging onto their every word right up and until the very end. Their story was rich with intensity, passion, longing and left me craving for more. Ms. Allen has a knack for creating stories that tap into your emotions, grab you by the heart, and linger with you long after the last page is turned. If you have not read this series, I must first tell you that your totally missing out on some exceptional reading, but that you are totally missing out meeting some truly amazing characters that will steal your heart!

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