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Josie Kendrew left home ten years ago and has never looked back, and knowing that her leaving devastated the ones who cared about her the most, makes the idea of returning home almost unbearable. She is not ready to face her past or the ones she left behind, but learning of her father's stroke has forced her to face the fact that it's time to go home, all the while expecting things in the little town of Echo Lake to not have changed at all. Upon her arrival though, she is pleasantly surprised, border lined shocked really, to learn that things have actually evolved and the people who let her down a long time ago, have learned from their mistakes and are now the people she always wished they'd be. Her biggest regret was leaving her ex-fiance Ethan behind, full well knowing that she may never regain the piece of heart that he held, but the possibility of him turning out to be like someone she despised was more than she could bare at the time. She isn't sure she is ready to face him again, because part of her knows that he still holds that special part of her heart, and that as soon as she sets eyes on him she be pulled right back into his arms. She is bound and determined though to keep her distance and not let him back in again... but she fails to remember is that true love knows no bounds.

Ethan Miller had big plans for his life, but after a side lining football injury he was forced to change his big career plans, which in turn also became the reason he lost the love of his life. When Josie left she took a part of him that he has never been able to get back, and the thought of her finally returning home after ten years has him reeling. No matter how much he wants to resist her, there is still this nagging part of him that refuses to let go of her and what they had together, and it's forcing him to rethink his decision to never let her back in again. So he does what any self respecting guy would do... fight it! When she walks back into his office and demands to help run the family business he devises what he thinks is a fool proof plan to send her packing right back to Boston, but after only a few days of having her near him again, he finds his little plan starting to unravel, and that broken part of his heart is starting to feel things again that he thought had died long ago...

As soon as I saw this book was available to request, I knew I had to read it, mainly because I know that anytime Ms. McGinnis's name is printed on the cover I am in for some exceptional reading. And true to my thought, she did not let me down, this book had it all; it was genuine, brimming with romance, contained a emotion evoking story line, and had the promise of a true happily ever after. If you have not read a book by this author I must first tell you that you are totally missing out on some amazing stories, and also the opportunity to meet some well crafted characters that are sure make you smile and leave an indelible impression on your heart! 

ARC requested through NetGalley, and kindly provided by St. Martin's Press, in exchange for a honest and unbiased review.

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