My New Literary Addiction...Jack'em Up Series!!

Sometimes in marriages people become complacent, and start to take for granted the emotional relationship they have with their spouse without even realizing their doing it. They get so wrapped up in their daily lives, and pouring themselves into their work, to ensure that their doing all they can to provide for their families, that they tend to forget about taking care of their spouses emotional needs and well being. When this happens the relationship starts to suffer due to the disconnect, and most times people end up losing sight of what brought them together in the first place, and ultimately divorce because they think there is nothing left to salvage. For Blake and Delilah this is becoming their reality, and while Blake is ready to fight for what they have, Delilah is ready to move on because she thinks no amount of effort can fix what has already been damaged. 

Blake has been chasing his demons for years, and has never really came to terms with them, so they are always there in the back of his mind lingering. They have made him become a very driven person, who constantly feels like no matter how much he tries he will never be good enough for his wife or anyone else in his life. They have become so ingrained in him that he doesn't see them or realize that they are ultimately what is driving his wife away...that is until he's handed divorce papers and she is out the door. Now he must find a way to conquer these demons and prove to her that he can let his past go and be the man she fell in love with all those years ago... or he might just lose her for good.

Delilah is tired of being alone, and wants nothing more than to have the loving and attentive man she married back, but somewhere along the way she lost him. Old habits of from his past have dictated the way he lives his life now, and caused him to pull away from her emotionally, which has reeked havoc on their marriage. There is such a disconnect between them that she doesn't think it can be repaired, so she decides it's time for her to move on without him. The thought of letting him go breaks her heart, but she can't live with the shell of a man he has turned into any longer. He isn't so easily convinced that she wants to leave though, and he wants to work on things and try to rediscover what they have lost, but she is left wondering if that is even possible because those ever present demons are still there haunting him, and pulling him in the other direction...

Delilah and Blake's story pulled me almost immediately and captivated my attention in a way that hasn't been done in a long time. Their story spoke volumes to me, each and every word laced with intensity, passion, and feeling, it grabbed me by the heart and had me hanging onto their every word. I knew after reading the book description that this would be a powerful story, but I was truly surprised at how much it effected me, it was truly a awakening and profound read. Ms. Allen is truly a gifted storyteller and I insist that you give this book a chance, it is sure to awaken your emotions and leave you dying for the opportunity to read more of her work. Definitely one of the best books I have read this year!!

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