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It has often been said that love has the uncanny ability to sneak up on you when you least expect it, and no one knows that to be truer than Liam James. As soon as he sets his sights on the black haired beauty seated at the bar, he is instantly pulled into her world, and left with an unshakable feeling that his life is about to be changed forever. As soon as he steps up to the bar, he sees the most alluring set of violet eyes, staring back at him, his instincts kick in and he has the deepest desire to touch her, full well knowing that one touch will never be enough. After a few drinks, and some small talk he finds himself convincing her to come home with him, knowing it could only be one night, but deep inside really hoping for more. He soon learns though that she isn't looking for long term, and she drives the point home when she bolts after two blissful days together, and takes his heart along with her....

Harper Laurence is hoping her extended stay in Nashville will help her get over being dumped at the altar, she never expected to be spending the weekend she was supposed to say "I do" alone. After being stood up by her aunt, she decides to make the most of her night out on the town and pulls up a seat at the bar for a few drinks to try and drown her misery, never expecting to be sharing those drinks with a handsome stranger who has the promise of forever in his eyes. She doesn't do one night stands, but as soon as this handsome stranger pulls up a seat next to her she begins to question that pesky little rule. Something about him draws her in and has her thinking one night with him could be exactly what she needs in her life right now. But when one night turns into two she immediately gets the urge to run, the last man to get that close to her heart shattered it into a million pieces and she has no intention of letting history repeat itself... but the minute she bolts she is riddled with regret and left thinking she may have just let her future slip right through her fingers. 

I have been dying to return to Mirabelle, Florida for some time now, mainly because I know every visit promises to be one amazing literary escape from reality, and that I am about to be treated to a story that is sure to satisfy every one on my literary cravings! Barely three sentences into the story, and everything in my world started to shift, and I felt myself being pulled into Harper and Liam's world, they had me hanging onto every spoken word, and dying for more! The chemistry between these two burned brightly from start to finish, and every encounter they had was filled with so much passion and intensity that I frequently found myself breathless and in dire need of a fan!! 

After reading Undone, the first installment in this series, I knew I had stumbled onto to something REALLY good, and since then, with each new addition I've read, Ms. Richards has managed to not only exceed my expectations, but also reaffirm my belief that this series is nothing short of AMAZING!! If you have not read this series yet, I must tell you first off that you are totally missing out on some exceptional reading, but that you are also missing out on the opportunity to meet some of the greatest men to ever grace the pages of a book!! 

ARC requested through NetGalley, and kindly provided by Forever Grand Central Publishing.

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