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Alaina Pierce has once again found herself in the spotlight, only this time the press has went a little too far, and taken something so personal to her and made her feel even more exposed than normal. It has her wanting to retreat, and find a place to hide out for a while, and get things right in her head and heart. She has properties of her own that she can escape to, but the paparazzi is probably already staked out at each place awaiting her arrival, so her friend Sean offers her a peaceful place to stay. His soon to be in-laws have a ultra private apartment on their estate that he thinks would be perfect for her to hide-out in for a while. She is more than willing to take him up on his offer, so she packs her bags and leaves the city in hopes of getting the peace and tranquility she so desperately needs right now. She is thrilled to get to escape the limelight for a while, and have some semblance at a normal life for a while...never expecting this to be the place to hold the keys to her future...

Evan Archer has recently moved home to take a job within the family business, and once again submerse himself into the easy and quiet lifestyle only living at home in Ribbon Ridge can provide. Evan, unlike most people, prefers to be alone, which has sometimes proven to be quite difficult growing up in such a large family. Through the years though he's set parameters for his family to stay within, and they have learned ways to help him cope with his condition, and keep him comfortable when the world around him becomes too much to bare. While he tries not to let his condition get the better of him, it sometimes has an effect on even the most basic life skills, making him become somewhat numb to other's feelings. Sometimes his forward, and unfiltered approach to life makes people uncomfortable, and also makes it hard for him to have relationships with the opposite sex, so he has chose to swear off anything that involves feelings or long term. But, when he discovers the stunning beauty staying in his families rental apartment he begins to wonder if he his short term approach to things is all wrong...

I have to say that Evan has been my favorite Archer to read about thus far, I connected with his story much more than I have to any of the others. I think it is because he isn't your typical alpha male character, he had the domineering physical presence, but he also showed vulnerability, and a softer strength to him that spoke volumes. He captured my heart from the very beginning, and will have a lingering presence there for a while. I liked his unfiltered approach to everything and the honesty and sincerity behind everyone one of his words. He also gave me a little clearer picture of what life is like for people who struggle with Asperger's syndrome, and gave me sense of how hard it is for them to maneuver through some of the most basic daily tasks. Ms. Burke definitely did her homework with this one and has cemented herself a place on my favorite authors list with this one!! If you like small town romance, this is DEFINITELY a series you need to add to the top of your list, it is sure to satisfy all of your reading needs and then some!! 

ARC requested through Edelweiss, and kindly provided by Avon Impulse Publishing in exchange for a honest and unbiased review.

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