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Savannah Hale has never really wanted to return to her hometown of Maple Cove, because she isn't ready to deal with all the memories that are waiting there for her, or being subjected to the small town gossip mill again. Growing up in Maple Cove was hard for her, everybody always knew her business and had a opinions about it, most of which weren't exactly welcoming, so first chance she got to escape it she was gone. Her only bright spot in Maple Cove was her boyfriend Will, and when he chose to enlist in the military it broke her heart to see him go and leave her behind, but she had hope he'd return home and they'd marry and start their planned out future together. But Will lost his life in Afghanistan and she was left alone to pick up the pieces and find a way to move on without him, that is until his best friend Logan stepped in to help her survive the grief. He provided the comfort, friendship, and support she needed, and naturally spending that much time with him lead to something more, something both of them weren't ready to deal with. Logan felt like he was betraying his friend, so he walked away, and Savannah was once again alone. 
Finding out her mother had passed away was devastating for her, and she know's having to return home to Maple Cove isn't going to be easy, but it's something she has to do. But what she finds when she gets there is far more than she was ready to deal with...Logan has returned home too.

Logan Park has always had a crush on Savannah Hale, but she chose his best friend, so he just found a way to bury the crush and put on a brave face. After graduation his best friend Will and him joined the military and left small town life behind, including Savannah. But when Will loses his life it's up to Logan to return home and break the news to Savannah. Having her fall apart in front of him is almost more than he can bare, but he promised Will he'd take care of her, and so he does what he can to honor the promise made to his friend, he gives her the shoulder she needs to cry on and tries his best to help her move on. But in doing so, he starts to fall for her all over again, and this time she chooses him, and he doesn't know if he can handle that, so he walks away...and he's regretted it everyday since. And now that he's heard she is returning home to Maple Cove, he's desperate to win her back, and he will do whatever it takes to get her back into his arms...this time for keeps!

This story captured my attention right from the start and held on tight until the last page was turned, and has been lingering with me since. It is a second chance love story that will have you in tears one minute, and smiling from ear to ear the next, definitely one that will tap into your emotions and pull on your heartstrings!! I thoroughly enjoyed Logan and Savannah's story, and look forward to reading more of Ms. West's books, she is definitely a master at her craft!! Highly recommend you add this one to the top of your reading list, it's sure to warm your heart!!

ARC requested through NetGalley, and kindly provided by Entangled Publishing in exchange for a honest and unbiased review!

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