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Donna MacIntyre is well known for walking on the wild side and living life on her terms without any regard for what others think of her...that is until her lawyer tells her that it's time for her to put a damper on her wild ways. Her well-to-do ex has decided to fight her for sole custody of their son, and her only hope of having a chance to keep her son is to start walking the straight and narrow, and prove that she can be the responsible mother/adult that her son needs. For the first time in her life she actually has to worry about what others think of her, and live her life according to their terms, which doesn't set well with the gutsy redhead, but she has no other choice... or does she?

After sharing a heated kiss with a beautiful redhead in a library closet, Mike Solo knows he has met his match. She is gutsy, tempting as hell and has him considering the breaking his on season vow of celibacy. But after returning to town, the spicy redhead he left behind has turned herself into a dowdy over dressed secretary, and has Mike more confused than ever. When he approaches her full well expecting to pick up where they left off, she turns tale and flees in the other direction, for fear of damaging her new squeaky clean schoolmarm image.
When Mike learns she her new image and newly found responsible lifestyle is her only plan for getting her son back, Mike decides he has a better plan... marriage!

This was my first experience with Ms. Bernard's work, and I have to say that it left a very good first impression, so much so, I plan to make a return visit to the series very soon! Mike and Donna's touching and funny story captured my attention right from the start and held on tight through their little journey to find their happy ending. If you enjoy small town romance, with hunky baseball players, then this is DEFINITELY the series for you, it is sure to leave you with a happy heart and blushing smile too!!

ARC requested through Edelweiss, and kindly provided by Avon Publishing in exchange for a honest and unbiased review.

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