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Jenna McCall has secluded herself from the outside world for the past year, and has kept minimal contact with her family and friends because she can't stand the thought of seeing the signs of pity they have on their faces. Losing her husband while she was pregnant with their child was almost unbearable, but then to learn that he sought out comfort from other women during their marriage was completely devastating, and has lead her to have little faith in men in general. Taking care of her daughter is her number one priority now, and trying to secure a future for them has been weighing heavy on her mind. Her family would love nothing more than to see her move a little closer to home, and take a job there, but the idea of them learning about her husbands transgressions is something she isn't quite ready to deal with. And staying in her current location has become a lot less desirable since her in-laws have started to become a little overbearing, and more opinionated about what she does in her personal life. She is starting to feel the pressures of life closing in, and isn't real thrilled when her father asks to her help out his wife's football star nephew after his knee surgery. She doesn't have time for his shenanigans, but her obligation to help out family outweighs her personal needs this time... so she reluctantly gives in, comes to his rescue.

Due to a sidelining injury Ryan Eastham's days on the football field are over, and he has now found himself taking a seat in a broadcast booth calling games and feeling a little envious of those who are out of the field still able to play the game. While he enjoys his time in front of the camera, he longs to find something a little more fulfilling to do with his life, something he can be proud of, but finding the right career has proven to be a little difficult. He is hoping he will have time to do some more research while he is recouping from his knee surgery, and maybe find the right option for his future. He is also looking forward to spending a little quality time with his favorite aunt while she comes to nurse him back to good health, but that plan doesn't quite pan out after mother nature ruins her travel plans, leaving him in great need of being rescued from the hospital. He never expected to wake up from surgery and find his beautiful childhood friend Jenna there to save the day and be the one to get him home safely from the hospital. He is excited to see her, but she doesn't share his same excitement, so he figures he'll try winning her over with a little harmless flirting and flashing his pantie dropping smile... but he soon finds out that his playboy alluring ways won't have him scoring with her anytime soon!!

I have been anxiously awaiting for the opportunity to meet Ryan for sometime now, from the very beginning I was intrigued with Ryan's character and wanted to know more about him, and now I can say he was definitely worth the wait!! He was everything I thought he would be, and so much more, Ms. Floyd definitely saved the best for last!! I truly enjoyed every minute I spent reading Jenna and Ryan's story, it warmed my heart, and had me smiling the whole way through!! I absolutely adored Jenna's character, she was bold, inspiring, very relate-able, and not afraid to go for what she wants... and her persistence to find true happiness definitely paid off!!

I highly recommend you meet the men behind the Billionaire Brotherhood series, they are guaranteed to swoop in and steal your heart, leave you smiling like a fool, and are destined to linger with you long after the last page has turned!!

ARC kindly provided by Barclay Publishing in exchange for a honest and unbiased review.

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