Heartwarming Read From Catherine Anderson!

Taffeta Brown moved to Mystic Creek for a fresh start, and is trying to find a way to embrace her newly single lifestyle. She was dealt a devastating blow when she found out her husband was leaving her for another woman, and that he had resorted to dirty tactics in order to gain full custody of their daughter. She was left with no home, no job, and very little money, so she decided a change was in order and fled to Mystic Creek in search of a new life. She took what savings she had and opened a health store, she is hoping the residents of this little town will embrace her store, and help to make it success. She desperately wants her daughter back and so she is hoping that if she can show that she is successfully making a go of things on her own that the courts will have a change of heart and reward her with custody of her daughter. But with trouble arising in her ex-husbands life, her daughters well being is in danger, and Taffeta's life plan isn't progressing fast enough, so she may have to take drastic measures. Now she just has to convince her new friend to go along with her plan and marry her...

Barney Sterling has been keeping a close eye on Mystic Creek's newest resident Taffeta Brown, there's something about her that intrigues him and keeps him coming back to her health store. She is beautiful beyond words, and he would love nothing more than to catch her eye, but she doesn't seem to be in the market for a man. He decides it might be best to work slow with her and try friendship first, but she completely takes him by surprise and offers up a marriage proposal. She needs a husband and fast, and she thinks he is the perfect candidate, only Barney doesn't do marriage without love...

I have been anxiously awaiting for my opportunity to return to Mystic Creek, and the opportunity to meet Barney Sterling, and I have to say he was well worth the wait! Every woman hopes to find a strong, gentle-hearted, handsome man that sweeps them off their feet, and I think it is safe to say that Taffeta found that and so much more! This story captured my attention right from the start, and had me flying right through the pages in hopes of seeing these two well crafted characters discover the happily ever after that they both deserved, and I have to say I was quite pleased with what I found! This was a truly enjoyable read for me and think it is safe to say Ms. Anderson has another bestseller on her hands!! 

Highly recommend you meet the folks of Mystic Creek, their stories are sure to leave you with a happy heart, and reaffirm your belief that happily ever afters are really possible!!

ARC copy given by Penguin Random House Publishing-Signet in exchange for a honest and unbiased review.

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