Highly Addictive Series!!

Megan can't believe her eyes, there is man standing underneath her carport that looks like a man that she said goodbye to a few months ago, a man that she thought was dead. Relief begins to wash over her as she realizes that her eyes are not deceiving her, and Shane has in fact found his way home to her and their baby. But the Shane that she knew is not the Shane that is standing before her now, he is broken and in great need of saving...

Shane has been subjected to things in the last few months that he doesn't think he will ever be able to move on from, every time he closes his eyes the images are there, taking over and haunting him. He has been on the run from his captors for the last few months and has been doing all he can to find a way home to his girlfriend and friends. He is broken, disturbed, and struggling to find some normality in his life again, and the moment he finally lays eyes on Megan he is certain she will be able to help him find it. Learning that she is pregnant with his child brings him a sense of joy that he hasn't felt in a while, but the demons are still there haunting him, and he starts to feel that joy slip away. He must find a way to move on and make peace with his past or he may lose his chance at a future with Megan and his child...

I was very eager to read the continuation of Megan and Shane's story, I could not wait to see what Ms. Huie had in store for these two well crafted characters, and see if they were able to find their happily ever after. And after reading the story I can say with complete certainty that it was one of the best endings I have ever read, it completely surpassed all of my expectations!! The two books blended together seamlessly and I had no problem falling right back into the thick of things, it was almost as if I had never left! It had the same level of intensity, passion, action, and heart that the first installment had and it held my attention captive until the very end!! Definitely a series I think everyone should read, it is one of those stories that grabs a hold of you and doesn't let go until long after the last page is turned!! 

ARC requested through NetGalley and kindly provided by Booktrope in exchange for a honest and unbiased review.

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