The Fractured Heart Hits Shelves Today!!

Brody Matthews manages to catch the eye of every women he comes into contact with, and has never had any trouble convincing them to help warm up his bed for the night. He is a self proclaimed eternal bachelor that isn't shy about making it known that he has no intention of ever doing long term with anyone or letting any woman close enough to penetrate the wall around his heart. So, when he crosses paths with the beautiful, and feisty Drea Caron, and she gives him the cold shoulder he is left wondering where he went wrong. He likes her and would love nothing more than to get her in his bed, but she isn't interested in falling prey to his charming bad boy ways ...

Drea Caron has endured more in her young life than most would ever dream of living through, and has had to give up on her own dreams to care for her ailing mother. Working two jobs and caring for her mother's needs leaves very little time for her to have a personal life, so she has given up hope on even having the opportunity to have one. And even if the opportunity did present itself, she's not so sure she'd even want anything to do with it, especially after being abandoned by her father, and watching her mother suffer the effects of being discarded by her spouse. The idea that a relationship may have this type of ending leaves her wanting to remain single...that is until she starts working alongside Mr. Brody Matthews!
I have been anxiously awaiting for my opportunity return to this series!!! I thoroughly enjoyed the first installment in the series and have been excited to see what Ms. Cole had in store next for these wonderfully crafted characters. And I have to say it was totally worth the wait, she completely exceeded my expectations and once again provided me with one VERY exceptional reading escape. Drea and Brody's story was so amazing, and has been lingering with me all day!!! 

I highly recommend you add this series to the top of your reading list, it is sure to satisfy all of your reading needs and then some... and Brody is sure to have you swooning the whole way through! 

ARC requested through NetGalley, and kindly provided by St. Martin's Press in exchange for a honest and unbiased review.

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