Very Addictive Read From Lisa Renee Jones!!

The first thing Ella Ferguson sees when she awakes is most amazing set of blue eyes that belong to the most beautiful man she has ever laid eyes on. She is not quite sure who he is, but there is something familiar about him and she is left with the deepest desire to know everything there is to know about him. She struggles with her own identity and wants to know how she ended up in the hospital, so he proceeds to tell her that she is the victim of a mugging and that he came to her rescue. Everything from her past is a blur and she has no recollection of how she even got to Italy, let alone what her own name is, but her blue eyed hero ensures her that he will be there to help her sort everything out. She isn't so sure she should be trusting her life to a complete stranger, but with her life in danger, and with her identity still in limbo, she decides to rely on her instincts and put her life in his hands...

After losing his adoptive father Kayden inherits his business and the wealth that came along with it. He loves his work, and the danger that surrounds it feeds his need for power and control. He has deep seated demons, that are constantly lingering in the back of his mind, and effect every decision he makes, especially his latest decision to come to the rescue of a beautiful woman who has lost her memory and life is in grave danger. While he tries to resist her, there is a magnetic pull between them that cannot be denied, she tempts him in ways that he never thought possible, and she has him considering things he shut the door on a long time ago. Now he must keep her safe until she can regain her memory, and hope that he isn't part of those lost memories, or he may just lose the best thing that's ever happened to him...

This was my first experience with Ms. Jones work, and all I can say is "Wow"!!! This story DEFINITELY took me by surprise, and had me regretting not picking up one of her books until now. This story had me on the edge of my seat the whole way through, it was so addictive, and the little cliffhanger at the end has me dying to get my hands on the next installment! Kayden and Ella immediately pulled me into their world and had me hanging onto every word, their chemistry creates an unwavering intensity throughout the entire story, and each encounter they share will leave you in dire need for a fan!

This is by far one of the best introductions to a new author that I have had in a very long time, and definitely one of the most addictive reads that I have had the pleasure of reading!! Highly recommend this one, it is sure to satisfy all of your reading needs...and then some!!

ARC requested through Gallery, Threshold Pocket Books in exchange for a honest and unbiased review.

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