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Liam Archer is a dare devil who tests the limits in everything that he does, and he doesn't have any intention of slowing down anytime soon. His family constantly worries that his reckless behavior is going to catch up to him, and they will lose him, but giving up his adrenaline seeking adventures is something that he just isn't willing to do. As he watches all of his siblings settle down, get married, and have children, he just can't fathom that being something he'd want for his own life. Just the mear thought of giving up his strings free approach to relationships and settling down with one woman is completely unsettling, but that feeling starts to waver after he meets Aubrey Tallinger. She is smart, beautiful, highly tempting, and has him thinking about taking on his most thrilling adventure yet!

Aubrey Tallinger has always wondered what it would be like to belong to a family that makes her feel loved and appreciated, to have siblings to bond with and to be part of a strong family unit. Her parents have never made her feel that, and have never made her feel like she meant something to them, so when her aunt and uncle opened their home to her she packed her bags and never looked back. Her parents were much rather see her working in a fancy law firm, but that just isn't her style, she is quite certain that working along side her uncle in his small town firm is right where she belongs. When she meets her new clients, the Archer family, they immediately welcome her into their home and hearts, and each time she spends time with them she sees the family she has always dreamed about having, and they'd love nothing more than for her to be a member of their family. When she starts seeing Liam Archer she knows he has no plans of long term, even though that is what she is looking for, but there is something about him that keeps her coming back...

I have been anxiously awaiting for the opportunity to get up close and personal with Mr. Liam Archer, and I have to say he was WELL WORTH THE WAIT!! He swooped in and immediately captured my attention and lured me in with his smooth words, and dominating personality. I have a feeling this story will be lingering with me for a while, it really struck a cord with me, and has been monopolizing my thoughts all day... I have to say it is definitely one of my favorites from the series to date!! 

I highly recommend you acquaint yourself with the Archer Family, they are sure to leave you with a happy heart and provide you with quite the satisfying literary escape!

ARC requested through Edelweiss and kindly provided by Avon Impulse Publishing in exchange for a honest and unbiased review.

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