A Fighting Chance Hits Shelves Today!!

Six years ago Brendan Quinn let the girl of his dreams slip through his finger tips, and it has been haunting him everyday since. He knows he screwed up by walking away from her, but at the time he thought he was doing what was best for both of them. Her family didn't think he was right for her, and he somewhat agreed, the thought of knowing that her parents would never approve of their relationship won out and he eventually just decided to walk away without so much as a goodbye. With the memories of her and what they had continually haunting him, he had to find an outlet and try and rid himself of her, so he turned to MMA. He thought spending time in the cage fighting would give his mind something else to focus on, and hopefully his memories of her would just slip away, but no matter how many punches he threw she was always there in the back of his mind reminding him of much he royally screwed up. When he sees a beautiful girl standing in the lobby of the hotel he is staying at he instantly thinks his mind is playing tricks on him, but when she turns and sees him, and their eyes connect, there's no mistaking the instant connection... 

Del Kendrick is in Vegas for a girls weekend getaway, and hopefully in store for a fun and relaxing little vacation that she desperately needs. After she checks into her room she decides to do a little site seeing, and maybe find a bite to eat, but what she discovers in the lobby leaves her out of sorts and ready to seek refuge in the comfort of her room. He's here, the man who walked away with her heart six years ago is in Vegas for a MMA fight, he is the last person she ever expected to see, maybe she will luck out and be able to avoid a run in with him... fat chance!! Just as she is set to flee, she turns and stares into a all to familiar pair of eyes...

As soon as I read the synopsis for this story I knew it was going to be a really good read, and I am happy to report that it DEFINITELY lived up to my initial expectations, it was AMAZING!! I was barely a chapter into the story and I immediately felt myself being pulled into Del and Brendan's world and could literally feel the spark developing between them, and I have to admit that little spark produced some very blush worthy scenes that had me in dire need of a fan...several times!! Ms. Stacey definitely outdid herself with this one... I truly loved every minute of this story, and I am quite certain that if you give it a chance you will too!!!

ARC requested through NetGalley, and was kindly provided by Carina Press in exchange for a honest and unbiased review.

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