A Friendly Flirtation (Friends First #3) Is Out Today!!

Allison Hall is desperate to shake her social outcast status, and decides that a makeover is in order to win herself a man. She has no idea where to begin, but knows the perfect person to help her accomplish her mission... her brother's handsome best friend Jared. Jared is good with the ladies, and knows exactly what men like, so Allison figures he can help her out, but Jared has his reservations and ultimately turns her down. So, she turns to her friend Colleen and asks her to help her out, but when that backfires, Jared's eyes are finally opened to just how serious Allison is about fitting in, so he finally gives in and offers to point her in the right direction...never expecting it to help him out a little too!

Jared Esterly receives the shock of his life when his best friend's little sister propositions him and tries to get him to help teach her the ways on landing a man. He knows her brother would kill him if he found out he was "dating" his sister just for the sake of teaching her how to be more alluring to the opposite sex, so he turns her down hoping she will forget the whole idea. But he soon learns that she is serious about changing her appearance and finding love, and will do it with or without his help, so against his better judgement he offers to help out. He figures its safer for him to help her out, then for her to go at it alone, but he ends up getting a lot more than he bargains for... and it puts everything in his personal life at risk, and leaves him trying to decide what is more important to him..love or friendship?

This is my second visit to this series, and I have to say this trip was just as enjoyable as the first, Ms. Warner has once again created quite a little literary gem here, and I truly enjoyed every minute I spent reading it! Allison and Jared's story was packed with emotion, heart, humor, and romance, and made for one truly exceptional friends to lovers story!! Allison's quirky personality totally won me over from the start and had me cheering her on the whole way through her journey to find love and happiness! 

Highly recommend this one, it is sure to warm your heart, and reaffirm your belief that true love does exist...no matter how unconventional your journey to finding it happens to be!

ARC received in exchange for a honest and unbiased review.

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