It's Time You Meet Tyler Jenkins!!

It has been a year since Janie Smithwick lost her husband, and she is still struggling to accept the fact that is time to let him and go and force herself to move on, but every where she looks there are still reminders of him and the life they had together. Her friends keep encouraging her to get back on the dating horse, but she feels like if she moves on she will be cheating on the memory of the man she gave a better part of her life to, and she just can't bring herself to do it. She always planned on them growing old together, but life had other plans for them, and now she is left to face life alone. She is doing good just to muster the energy required to keep up on her chores on the ranch, and keep up with her riding students, and can't imagine coming up with more of herself to give time to someone else. But when a broken fence, and a handsome stowaway cowboy unexpectedly come into her life, she begins to think maybe she just might be able to move on after all...

Tyler Jenkins is a hardworking ranch hand by day, and wild cowboy looking to sow a few oats by night, with no intention of slowing down anytime soon. Her prefers to keep his entanglements with woman strictly on a one night basis, and has never given being tie down to one woman for the rest of his life a second thought. He watches his siblings and friends slowly being pulled into the settled down lifestyle and he just can't help but think that that kind of lifestyle is in the cards for him, the mere idea of it has him wanting to flee the other direction. That is until he meets his beautiful widowed neighbor... one look at her and Tyler feels himself being pulled in a direction that he is completely unfamiliar with, and the funny thing is, is doesn't scare him like he thought it would, he actually enjoys it! As soon as he learns that she is short handed on help on her ranch, and trying to make a go at things on her own, it has him wanting to come to her rescue. She is apprehensive about taking him up on his offer, but little by little he begins to win her over... and closer to finding a place in her heart.

As soon as I saw the cover to this book my interest was peaked, then I read the synopsis and I knew it was one I had to read, and I am happy to report my initial instincts were spot on... it was a FANTASTIC read!! I thoroughly enjoyed every minute I spent reading Janie and Tyler's story, barely a chapter into it and I was hooked, and flying right through the pages on a quest to find what I hoped to be their well deserved happily ever after. This was my first experience with Ms. Johnson's work, and I have to say that she totally won me over, and also earned herself a spot on my favorites authors list, I look forward to reading more from her in the very near future!! I highly recommend you meet these two well crafted characters, their story is destined to touch your heart and leave you with a smile on your face!!

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