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After having her heart stomped on Dani Deviche sets out on a mission to find a man who can help her erase the hurt...even if it is only for one night. Finding out her boyfriend was cheating on her hurt, but to find out that the person he was cheating with was her own flesh and blood was downright devastating, and the pain she is suffering is almost unbearable, she just wants to make it go away. Her friends suggest the best way to do that is to get under a new man and have herself a one night stand, which sounds promising but also terrifying, especially to someone with her experience level. When they hit the bar she spots the perfect man for the job, although she has her doubts about him, he seems like he is completely out of her league, but her friends convince her to go for she does. But once she meets him she starts to see that he isn't so different from her at all, he too has had his heart broken, and he is in desperate need of saving, and Dani thinks she is the perfect woman for the job. Now she just has to convince him that she can save him...

Ransom Scott thought he found the perfect woman, but he was wrong by a long shot, she may have been perfect, but she was meant for someone else...his own twin brother. Losing her to him was completely devastating, and the pain he is feeling now is almost suffocating. He drowns himself in alcohol hoping that the pain will just go away, but all he is doing is numbing it always returns the next morning with a vengeance. He is a very driven man, one who is use to always getting what he wants, and so losing her to his brother, makes it so much worse, because now she will always be there as a constant reminder of the one thing he couldn't have...and it aggravates him. He knows he needs to move on and let her go, but he isn't so sure he is ready to put himself back out there again... that is until he meets a beautiful girl at the bar that completely slays him... not only does she understand his pain, but she wants to save him from it, the question is can he let her in, and can he let someone that close again?

The minute I started reading Ransom and Dani's story it grabbed a hold of me and would not let go, I was instantly addicted and left with the insatiable urge to know more... even if it meant staying up all night to find the answers I so desperately needed. It has been a while since I have read a story that completely captured my attention, and consumed me the way this story did, I was barely a chapter into this one and I immediately felt myself being pulled into Dani and Ransom's world and left completely entranced by every written word. This is my first experience with Ms. Valentine's work and all I can say is WOW!!, her writing completely took me by surprise, and had me immediately regretting not reading something by her until now. Definitely one the best first reads I have had in a while, highly recommend you give it try, it is sure to pull you in and keep you captivated long after the last page is turned!

ARC requested through NetGalley and kindly provided by Indie Sage in exchange for a honest and unbiased review.

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