The Millionaire Makeover (Bachelor Auction #2) Hits Shelves Today!

Khloe Richardson is ready to met her prince charming, get married and have her happily ever after, the only problem is the man she'd like to be her prince is oblivious to her existence. She has struggled to catch his attention, and every one of her attempts have gone unnoticed, so she decides she is going to have to do something drastic to catch his eye. She figures the best way to get his attention is to win the attention of another man, and once he sees how desirable she is to this other man, then maybe he will finally take notice and claim her for his own. Now she just has to find the right man for the job...

Niall Hunter has found himself roped into a Bachelor Charity Auction, and the idea that he is going to be expected to provide the winner with a date is a little unsettling to him, but he figures he can handle one night right? But once he realizes the woman bidding for his attention is his best friends little sister, the same woman he shared a heated night with long ago, has him regretting his decision to do his good deed for the community. He promised her brother that he would take care of her, and make sure she ended up with someone who would treat her right. But now that she wants to use him to gain the attention of another man, he is not so sure he can follow through with his promise, being near her again is harder than he thought and the idea of another man having her is almost more than he can bare...

This was my first experience with Ms. Simone's work, and I have to say that it turned out to be a pretty impressive first read for me. The story line pulled me almost immediately and had me flying right through the pages... and staying up well past my bedtime just to see if Khloe would get her prince!! I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of this story and definitely plan to read more of her books in the very near future!! 

Highly recommend this one, it is sure to leave you with a happy heart and a smile on your face!!

ARC requested through NetGalley and kindly provided by Entangled Publishing, LLC in exchange for a honest and unbiased review.
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