The Seal's Secret Lover Is Out Today!!

When Rose Powell agreed to take her grandmother and friends on a trip abroad it was with the understanding that her younger brother would be going along to help her out. The idea of wrangling them all on her own was completely overwhelming, but after finding her brother would be their to help out, her mind was eased a little. But then at the last minute her brother changes the plans on her and because he can't make the trip, he recruits a friend to help her hoping it will mend things between them. What he doesn't expect though is that the man he sends to help out his sister ends up being the perfect distraction she needs right now...

SEAL Keenan Parker would do anything for his friend Jack, so when Jack asks him to fill in for him on his grandmother's vacation, and help to chaperon the trip with his sister he accepts the mission no questions asked. Jack knows his sister is in good hands, and knows Keenan will take care of her, and promised a long time ago that she was hands off. But after Keenan sees Rose again that promise becomes a lot harder to keep, she is beautiful and has him wanting to cross lines that he knows he shouldn't cross... question is will temptation win out?

This short, but oh so sexy, story captured my attention right from the start, it was so addictive and had me flying right through the pages, I ended up devouring this steamy little read in one sitting!! The chemistry between Keenan and Rose burned brightly from start to finish, and inspired some very steamy scenes that had me in dire need of a fan. Definitely one of the hottest reads and I have had the pleasure of reading in quite a while!! Highly recommend this one, it is sure satisfy all your reading needs...and then some!!

ARC requested through NetGalley and kindly provided by St. Martin's Press in exchange for a honest and unbiased review.

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