Grit (Spartan Riders) by J.C. Valentine Hits Shelves Today!!!

After being burned by love Gabby Morgan made the decision to never let her heart travel down that path again, no matter how tempting the man might be, but she didn't account for a man like Blake Mahone. The minute he waltzes into her carefully planned life she feels her plan start to falter, and tries her damnedest to resist his bad boy charm, because after all he is a walking reminder of the past she is trying to keep buried, but every time their near each other there is this magnetic pull between them that no amount of resistance can withstand. He slowly, but surely, has found a way to sneak past her defenses, and has her wanting things she never thought were possible for her again, and it scares her beyond belief, because her past is still there lingering and could intervene at a moments notice and strip her of everything she holds dear.

Blake Mahone took a chance on love, and it was a risk with very little reward, watching the woman he cared for walk out of his life, and leave him and their son behind hurt like hell and left him not willing to ever venture down that road again. He is trying to embrace being a single parent, and doing all he can to ensure his son has everything he needs, and just when he thinks he's on the right track, his son's teacher informs him parenting skills need some work. He has never met a woman quite like Gabby, she is beautiful, challenging and frustrates him beyond belief, and tempts him to want things he was sure he'd never want again. He tries to ignore the chemistry between them, but little by little it turns into a addiction he just can't walk away from, he craves her and will stop at nothing to find a way to lure her permanently into his bed...and his heart!

From the moment I started this one I knew I had stumbled onto a story that was going to ingrain itself into my every thought, and leave a mark on my heart that would linger long after the last page was turned...and true to my initial thought it did, and now all I can say WOW!! Gabby and Blake's story captivated my attention almost immediately, and had me fully invested in their story from start to finish, it was so addictive!! I knew the minute these two got together there would be sparks, but nothing prepared me for the intensity in those sparks, the smoldering passion and heated intensity that erupted from each encounter these two shared had me gasping for air, and left me tingling in all the right places!! At first glance you would think they were a total mismatch, but the deeper into their story you soon learn that they have a special way of balancing each other out and find a way to prove to you that opposites really do attract. I thoroughly enjoyed my time with these two, and cannot wait to make a return visit to this series, and get better acquainted with more of the men from the Spartan Riders!!

If you like your fairy tales little on the naughty side and equipped with a bad boy that knows just what it takes to leave his woman satisfied then you should DEFINITELY spend a little time Mr. Mahone, he'll leave you with a permanent smile on your face and tingling in all the right places!!

ARC given by IndieSage PR in exchange for a honest and unbiased review.

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