Guarding the Quarterback (Champions of the Heart, #1) by Liz Matis Is Now Available!!

The mere mention of Dean Walker's name and the women are lining up to dangle from the famed NY Kings Quarterback's arm, and hopefully earn their spot in his bed for the night. He is not only well known for his achievements on the field, but also well known for his performances in the bedroom too and he loves every minute of the attention he earns, after all being a star player was what he was born to do. The problem is all his notoriety has rubbed someone the wrong way, and now their threatening to end his life, so his boss thinks it's time to bring in a bodyguard to keep him safe on and off the field. Dean isn't to keen on having a bodyguard follow him around and put a cramp in his style, not to mention the fact that it makes him look weak to have to depend on another man for his own safety... but wait til he finds out that his bodyguard is actually a woman!!

Alexa Reeves maybe small in stature, but with all her training, vast experience, and take charge attitude she makes one hell of a badass bodyguard, which has happened to earn the approval of her boss. He has a new job for her, probably her most challenging one yet, and promises her that if she completes the task there will be a great reward. The problem is she has to undergo a complete makeover and embrace a side of herself she has never really been comfortable with... her sexy feminine side!! She must trade in her conservative attire for something a whole lot sexier... something that is worthy of earning a spot on the arm of a famed quarterback, and it has her freaking out! She is certain that she will never live up to Dean's expectations, and she is totally fine with that, it will make her job a whole lot easier, and keep her from blurring the lines... but the minute he takes in her new appearance, and she sees the same hunger she has for him, mirrored in his eyes, she knows she is in trouble!

This was my first encounter with Ms. Matis's work, and I have to admit that I absolutely adored everything about it, I love sports related romance stories, and this one DEFINITELY hit the mark...and then some!! I was barely three sentences in and immediately knew I was about to embark on a truly exceptional literary escape, one that would hold me captive until the last page was turned in the wee hours of the morning! One that also turned out to be quite a refreshing first read for me, I thoroughly enjoyed reading a story where the heroine took charge and was able to stand toe to toe with the strong alpha male character. On more than one occasion Alexa took me by surprise with her strength and tenacity, her witty one liners, and sassy take charge demeanor totally won me over and had me in her corner the whole way through! I think it safe to say Dean definitely had his hands full with her, but I also think that he was the perfect alpha for the job. He knew when to give in and let her have her moment, and when she needed him to step in and take over the reigns, they were a perfect match and complimented each other in all the right places!!

Ms. Matis has truly outdone herself with this one, I am deeming it a HOT and OH SO SEXY five star read, that is certain to leave you tingling from head to toe and in dire need of a fan!

ARC received in exchange for a honest and unbiased review.

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