Her Last Love (Small Town Hearts #1) by H.C. Bentley Is Now Available!

Lynn Johnston never really saw herself returning home, once she left for the Army eight years ago, but after a series of unforeseen circumstances arise and effect her career plans, she finds herself doing just that. Coming home is kind of bittersweet, she is excited to see her family and friends, but she isn't sure what she'll find once she is there. Her departure left behind a lot of hurt feelings and an ex-fiance with a broken heart, and she knows the minute she's home her family and friends will be armed with questions about her return, questions that she isn't really prepared to provide answers for right now. She is ready to put her past behind her, a start over with a clean slate, and give her damaged heart time to finally heal. Losing Carter Mathis was heartbreaking, and she knows she needs to find a way to move on once and for all, he is, after all, married to someone else, so it's high time to let him go...

Carter Mathis thought he was over Lynn Johnston, he even found a way to move on, and married someone else, but she was always there lingering in the back of his mind. Now that his marriage is coming to an end, he has this undying urge to reunite with the girl who stole his heart long ago, but the circumstances that caused their break-up haven't changed, she's still across the world serving her country in the Army, which means the odds of reconciliation are slim... or are they? When he sees her in the grocery store he swears his eyes are playing tricks on him, surely it can't be her, she swore she'd never return, but sure enough it is her. He knows the minute he sees her that he has to find a way to get her to talk to him, this maybe his one and only chance to have her back in his life and he isn't about to let her walk away a second time...

If ever there were a story about two people who deserved a second chance it was these two, what they had was something that very few have the opportunity of finding once in their lifetime, let alone having the opportunity to discover a second time. Watching them go from two broken souls to discovering their happily ever after was truly inspiring and uplifting, and reaffirmed my belief that second chances are definitely possible. I truly enjoyed every minute I spent with these two, their dedication to one another, and Carter's children was not only admirable, but also a beautiful thing to witness. From the moment I started this story I had an immediate sense that it was going to be one of those heartfelt reads that would monopolize my every thought, leave me emotionally spent (in the best way possible), and would linger with me long after the last page was turned... and those are my favorite kind of stories to read, and my favorite to recommend!!

If you are looking for a read to warm your heart, tap into your emotions, and satisfy your every literary need, then this is a book for you!! Highly recommend!!



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