Icing (Aces Hockey #2) by Kelly Jamieson Hits Shelves Today!!

Hockey star Duncan Armstrong is well known for his accomplishments on the ice, and has been rewarded handsomely for them, but it's not why he plays the game, he does it because he simply loves the game, and what he does for a living. He's a country boy at heart, lives a simple life, and has never really seen the appeal of living a lavish style just because he can afford to do it, he just wasn't raised that way. He doesn't have a problems attracting women, there is always a steady line of them vying for his attention, the problem is when they see him they just see the dollar signs, and not the man standing behind them. After a string of disastrous relationships with models, he is certain they are only good for one thing, being arm candy, so he has decided to write them off permanently...that is until he meets Amber.

After watching fame and fortune lead her father down a treacherous path of destruction and have it completely destroy her family Amber made the decision early on that she would never put herself in that position, by never opening her heart to a athlete, no matter how tempting they may be. Amber Johnson is working hard to get her life on track, and secure the future that she has always wanted for herself, a that future required a very expensive college degree. With school loans looming, and her mother's ever growing debt she has had to take on a few part time jobs just to keep things afloat, one of those jobs being at a bar, a bar that just so happens to be frequented by sexy, mouth watering athletes. When a charming hunk pulls up a seat at the bar, she can't help but start to become smitten with him, there is something about him that pulls her in, and has her thinking a night or two of fun with him sounds pretty good...but the instant she discover he's a hockey player she runs in the other direction. She refuses to break her cardinal rule of no athletes, but no matter how hard she tries to avoid him fate just keeps bringing them together!

Sometimes you come across a book and you read the synopsis and you instantly know it's one you just HAVE to read, well for me that was totally the case with this book. I knew all along that it was going to be a good read, but I have to admit that it completely exceeded all of the expectations I had for it! One paragraph into it and I was fully invested, and instantly knew there was no way I would be putting it down until last page was turned. Amber and Duncan's story completely stole my heart and had me swooning like a fool the whole way through!! This was my first visit to the Aces Hockey series and I am totally kicking myself for not making time to read this series until now, I quickly deducted that I have totally been missing out!! I loved everything about this book, from start to finish, Ms. Jamieson's has created little slice of literary heaven here with some undeniably sexy hockey players that I fell for the minute they skated into my life! 

Highly recommend this one, the minute you meet Duncan you'll fall head over heels for him and continue to swoon the whole way through!!

ARC requested through NetGalley, and kindly provided by Random House Publishing Group - Loveswept in exchange for a honest and unbiased review.

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