Living With Regret by Riann C. Miller Hits Shelves Today!!

Sometimes in life we find ourselves making a decision solely based on the fact that it's better for those involved, but what we don't realize is that it's not really our decision to make in the first place, each person should have the right to make their own decisions, and it is wrong to take that right from them no matter how much you care for them. And no one knows this to be a truer fact than Chase Adams, ten years ago he made the decision to choose his football career over spending his future with the love of his life, because at the time he thought he would be holding her back from her own dreams by tying her down to his. So, he thought it was best for both of them to let her go, so she could be free to find her own future, and it completely devastated both of them. That day has haunted him for the last ten years, and he has often wondered if he had fought a little harder for her where they would be now, if they'd be married, or have a family, and the more he thinks about it, the more he wishes it was true. Here lately it's all he allows himself to think about, and its starting to affect his focus on the field, and ultimately causes him to take a hit that lands him in the hospital with a mind altering injury... an injury that may just give him a second chance at love.

Getting a phone call from her ex-boyfriends mother is the last thing she ever expected to happen, after all, it has been ten long years since they last saw one another, and that encounter has been one that Jordan Taylor has worked very hard to put behind her. Chase Adams completely devastated her when he chose his football career over a future with her that day, she went to the park expecting a marriage proposal and wound up getting dumped. His mother is desperate for her help, Chase has landed himself in the hospital with a devastating injury, and she is certain Jordan is the only one that can help him overcome it, but Jordan has her reservations. She has spent the last ten years creating a future for herself, ridding herself of his memories, and going to great lengths to avoid anything to do with the heartbreaking football player. To have him in her life again and opening herself up to that kind of hurt again is far more than she knows her heart can bare... can she really let him back in again?

From the moment I started this story I knew I had stumbled onto something truly special, it stirred something deep inside of me, and had me completely entranced and wholeheartedly invested into every written word. From the get go I felt a deep connection to the characters, and their painstakingly beautiful story, I went from moments of having my heart in my throat and blinking back tears, to blushing, and smiling from ear to ear. Some of my favorite reads have been second chance love stories, and I have to say this one ranks up there with some of the best I have read, Ms. Miller has created a story that readers can really submerse themselves into and just let go, and let their emotions and heart guide the way. This was my first experience with her work, and I have to say she has totally won me over with this one and quickly turned me into a life long fan!!

Living With Regret is a poignant story, that will capture your heart, stir your emotions, steal the breath from your lungs, and take you to a place of complete literary bliss!! Highly recommend it!!!

ARC provided in exchange for a honest and unbiased review.

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