Naughty Angel (Sexy Nerd Boys #2) by K.M. Neuhold is a can't miss read!!

Looks can be deceiving, and no one knows this to be truer than Asher, looking at him you would think he is a tattooed playboy rocker, but the man underneath is actually a little nerdy and loaded with smarts. His looks have scored him lots of women, and kept a steady line of women vying for a spot in his bed, but after a while the novelty of being a playboy has warn off, and he's ready for something with a little substance. He thinks he's ready to find someone he can settle down with, and have a genuine relationship with, and the minute he lays eyes on Eve he is certain she is the women he's been looking for... he's just has to find a way to convince her he's worth her time and attention.

Eve is finally off to college and free to explore the world on her own terms and leave her overbearing parents and sheltered home life behind. She has never spent the night with a man, let alone kissed one, and she is more than ready to give it a try, now she just has to find the perfect man for the job. The minute she meets Asher she is quite certain she isn't his type, but he's sending her vibes that that tell her otherwise, he is interested and isn't afraid to show it.

After reading the first book in this series, and getting a glimpse at all of these uniquely crafted characters, I was anxious to get started on this one, and delve back into their world again. With this being my second visit to the series, and having previous experience with Ms. Neuhold's work, I knew I was in for some truly exceptional reading, and true to my thought, she did not let me down. This beautiful story had it all; a genuine and believable premise, was brimming with passion and toe curling romance, contained a emotionally charged story line, and had the promise of a true happily ever after. I loved every minute I spent with Eve and Asher, their story touched my heart and had me swooning the whole way through!! Highly recommend this one, it is a steamy read guaranteed to make you fall in love!

ARC given in exchange for a honest and unbiased review.



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