The Three-Week Arrangement (Chase Brothers #3) by Sarah Ballance Is Available Today!!

Ethan Chase is trying to channel his inner hermit, and just live a life of solitary confinement for a while, but his family refuses to let him go there. They are worried about him, for good reason, and are certain all he needs is to find the right girl, so they are determined to find her for him, and are constantly trying to fix him up... and Ethan is fed up with it. So, when the opportunity to have a fake three week relationship with a complete stranger comes into play, he jumps at the chance, and thinks it will be the perfect way to get his family out of his business, and stop their incessant need to set him up. He can handle spending three weeks with a beautiful stranger right??

Rue Campbell is a nomad of sorts, she likes to travel, and isn't too keen on sticking in once place for very long, which pretty much puts a damper on having any kind of a long term relationship... and she is totally okay with that! Relationships just aren't her thing, and being tied down just isn't an option she is willing to consider, she would much rather keep her romantic entanglements on a one night basis... but when one night with Ethan Chase just isn't enough and it turns into the best three weeks of her life, it has her reconsidering her no strings attached rule!

This uniquely crafted pair pulled me into their world right from the start, and kept me their long after the last page was turned. Their story was brimming with emotion, humor, and lots of heart, and Ethan had me smiling and swooning the whole way through!! This turned out to be a very enjoyable and highly entertaining read for me and I think it is one everyone should add to the top of their reading lists, I promise it will leave you with a happy heart!!

ARC requested through NetGalley, and kindly provided by Entangled Publishing, LLC (Lovestruck) in exchange for a honest and unbiased review.

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