You're Still the One (Ribbon Ridge #6) by Darcy Burke Is Out Today!!

Bex Holmgren always knew she wanted more than what Ribbon Ridge could offer, and she made big plans to leave as soon as she was through with high school. She had always hoped that her boyfriend Hayden would want the same thing, and follow suit, but he shattered her dream by telling her he wanted his future to be in Ribbon Ridge. So, she made the heartbreaking decision to leave without him, and it crushed both of them, and she has regretted that decision everyday for the last five years. She tried to move on, and dated other men, but her lingering feelings for Hayden always kept her from opening her heart to someone else. She has made a great life for herself, and has a job she enjoys, but she knows that someday that isn't going to be enough, eventually she will need love to create the family she has always wanted. When she receives a unexpected call from Ribbon Ridge, along with a job offer she can't really refuse, she is left with a tough decision. Can she move back home and face the ones she left behind, to have the future she has always wanted or is the risk for another broken heart just to great?

Hayden Archer has spent the last five years trying to get over the loss of the love of his life, and for the most part he's moved on, by dating random girls here and there. But he made the decision early on that love was no longer in the cards for him, nor were serious relationships, so he keeps his entanglements with woman strictly to a casual basis. For the last year he has been living in France working alongside a winemaker, learning the craft, with the hope of someday owning his own winery. He misses his family, and knows they'd love nothing more than for him to return home, but the idea going back to a place where he is constantly feeling left out doesn't really appeal to him. Since losing his brother Alex, there was a shift in the family, and his spot as the family fixer kind of went by the wayside, and left him feeling like they no longer needed him, so he figured it was time to follow his dreams, and left them all behind. But now home is calling, and his presence at his sister's wedding is expected, so he decides to take a trip home and appease his parents. But before he leaves he is offered the chance of a lifetime in France, and when he arrives home his friends in Ribbon Ridge also make him an offer he can't really refuse so now he must decide if it's time to go home for good, or make a new life in France? Once he is home though things start to become a little clearer then they ever were before...

Once again Ms. Burke has provided readers with an exceptional read full of heart and promise, and a well deserved happily ever after that is certain to provide readers with a state of complete literary bliss! Hearing that this was the last installment in the Ribbon Ridge series was a sad moment for me, because I have loved meeting all of these wonderful characters created by Ms. Burke. However, learning that she will be branching out from this series and introducing us to the Westcott family definitely makes up for it. I look forward to this upcoming series, and getting a up close view of these new characters. 

I highly recommend you add the Ribbon Ridge series to the top of your reading list, each story is well crafted, highly entertaining and filled with some very memorable characters that are sure to leave an indelible impression on your heart! 

ARC requested through Edelweiss, and kindly provided by Avon Publishing in exchange for a honest and unbiased review.

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