A Scorching New Read from Gina L. Maxwell!

Shameless (Playboys In Love#1)
Author: Gina L Maxwell
Red's Rating: 5 Scorching Stars

Jane Wendall is burning her candle at both ends, when she isn't working, she's either buried in her thesis work at home, or taking care of home repairs... and it's definitely caused her social life and love life to take a major hit. She hasn't been on a date in forever, and her friends are starting to worry she's that she's boarding on nun-hood. She'd love nothing more than to have a little steamy action between sheets, but she just doesn't have enough hours in the day to fit in a relationship, so she settles for an occasional night of solo action, but even that is starting to wear thin. When her friend Addison calls to check in with her, and finds out that yet again she is spending the night working on her dilapidated apartment instead of spending her evening trying to pick up a man, she decides to intervene, and sends her a handyman to get things fixed up. Jane thinks he's coming to fix the clogged drain in her bathroom, but he's there on another mission... one that leads to exploring her kinky secret side!!!

The minute Chance Danvers shows up on Jane's doorstep he senses something is a little off, normally when he's called to "fix things" woman are falling all over themselves at the sight of him, and Jane can't even pry her eyes from her book long enough to look him in the eyes. But after some discussion he realizes she actually expects him to fix her clogged sink, and not do what he came to do. There is something about her that has him wanting to stay, so he makes her a deal, he'll fix her sink, then they'll get down to the real business at hand... he owes her a dance and he's planning to give her a dance she'll never forget!!

This was my first experience with Ms. Maxwell's work, and I have to say I was quite impressed with what I found, it is by far one of the hottest reads I have had in my hands this year! Her sinfully sexy tale had me tingling in all the right places, and reaching for a fan barely a chapter into it!!! She put the perfect amount of naughty and nice into the story line, which gave it a plausible feel and which is sure to give readers a very well balanced and highly satisfying reading experience! I thoroughlly enjoyed this one and definitely plan to make a return visit to the series and see what she has in store for the other Playboys!!

ARC requested through NetGalley and kindly provided by Entangled Publishing, LLC-Scorched in exchange for a honest and unbiased review.


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