Change of Heart (Healing Harts #5) by T.J. Kline Hits Shelves Today!!

After being hurt and let down more times than she can count Leah McCarran built an impenetrable shell around herself in hopes of keeping people and the hurt they cause out. Being a therapist she knows that this isn't the most healthy way of preventing the inevitable pain, but putting that barrier between herself and others has made her life more bearable and given her a sense of safety that she just isn't willing to let go of anytime soon. When she is offered a job at the Heart Fire Ranch she finally feels like things in her life might finally be going in the right direction, and she starts to feel a slight sense of happiness, and the idea of being able to help others heal brings her a sense of excitement she hasn't felt in sometime. With all of her belongings in tow, and a renewed sense of hope she heads out for the ranch and her impending new life... but just like so many times before she is let down once again when her radiator on her car decides to fail and leaves her stranded alongside the road. She is struggling to not lose hope, but every minute that passes on that deserted road she begins to let the doubt seep in... that is until a sexy stranger comes to her rescue.

Gage Granger has spent years trying to move on from the circumstances from his past and build a better life for himself than he had growing up, and up and until recently all was going according to plan. That is until he made one minor mistake that caused his company to take a monumental hit, and now he is trying to prepare himself for the storm of backlash that is sure to hit. Running away from the city to his brother's ranch could very well be viewed as a chicken's way of dealing with things, but he needs time to think and regroup and figure out what he should do next, and being on the ranch out of the public eye seems like the perfect place to do that. His trip to the ranch takes an interesting turn when he meets his new neighbor Leah, the minute they meet he can feel the chemistry brewing between them, the problem is she interested in anything he has to say. But that doesn't stop him from trying, never has a woman gotten under his skin the way she does, now he just has to find a way to convince what they share is worth the risk!

I have been anxiously awaiting for the opportunity to return to this series and see Gage find his well deserved happily ever after, and after finishing his story I have to say Ms. Kline definitely made it worth the wait!! From the moment Gage waltzed onto the page he captivated my attention and had me at his mercy, his dedication to winning Leah's heart was something to be admired, and appreciated. No matter how much she pushed him away he was right there letting her know he wasn't going to take no for an answer, or let her dismiss what they shared so easily, he knew that they had the makings of something special and he fought hard to help her see it, and completely stole my heart in the process!! I loved every minute of this emotionally charged story, it was inspiring, warmed my heart, and gave me a renewed sense of hope!! Ms. Kline has done it again, this one has bestseller written ALL over it!!

ARC requested through Edelweiss, and kindly provided Avon Impulse Publishing in exchange for a honest and unbiased review.



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