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At Any Cost (U.S. Marshals #4)
Author: Mandy Baxter
Published by: Kensington Publishing - Zebra
Red's Rating: 5 VERY steamy stars

U.S. Marshal Nick Brady's rebellious streak has landed him on a mandatory vacation, and the idea of stepping away from work for a month is almost more than he can bare, there are cases calling his name and he knows they will continue to do so while he is on hiatus, so he decides to sneakingly take a little work on vacation with him. There is a dangerous biker on the run and Nick has the perfect plan to finally capture him, he's planning to track down the biker's ex-girlfriend, which will hopefully put him right on the path of the criminal. What Nick doesn't account for is falling for his beautiful new neighbor, now his feelings for her have him crossing lines he knows he shouldn't and could ultimately put his future as a U.S. Marshal at risk...

Fearing for her life Olivia Gallagher took to running, and has been on the run for sometime now, and constantly looking over her shoulder for fear her past is going to catch up to her. For the last four years she has been hiding out, taking random jobs to keep herself afloat, and choosing never to put her trust in anyone for fear of being hurt again. Her life has been quite lonely for the last four years, she has never found anyone that she has felt comfortable enough sharing her past with... that is until she meets her new neighbor Nick. There is something about him that makes her feel safe, safer than she has felt in a really long time, and the more she is around him the more she wants to let him in, and show him her true self. She begins to think she may just have found someone who she can finally open up to, and who may be able to help her face her past, and put a end to the the danger that has been following her for so long...

This was my second visit to this series, and I have to say I enjoyed it just as much as the first, the story line jumped out and grabbed me right from the start and continued to grip my attention right up until the last page was swiped! I thoroughly enjoyed watching Nick and Olivia's unfold, it was action packed, and oh so steamy, they had me on the edge of my seat (and blushing) the whole way through!! If you haven't had the opportunity to read something from Ms. Baxter yet, I highly encourage you to remedy that ASAP, not only are you missing on some exceptional literary escapes, but also the opportunity to meet some truly special characters that are certain to steal your heart!!

If you like your stories packed with edge of your seat action, spine-tingling mystery, and lots of hot and steamy between the sheets moments, then I highly recommend you pick up this book, it's sure to satisfy!!

ARC requested through NetGalley, and kindly provided by Kensington Books-Zebra in exchange for a honest and unbiased review.



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