First In A New Series From Author Naima Simone!!

Book Title: Only For A Night (Lick #1)
Author: Naima Simone
Publisher: Entangled Publishing LLC - Scorched
Red's Rating: 5 Stars

Harper Shaw is finally ready to embrace a side of herself that she has kept hidden away for many years, she has always been hesitant about exploring it because of what others would think, and for fear of being shamed by her family. But she has come to realize that her needs are far more important than their personal opinions, and after all the loss she has recently faced she is more than ready to embrace her sexual desires and find a way to start feeling again... and she is certain that a night shared with her old friend Rion Ward is the perfect way to delve into this new side of herself.

The minute that Rion Ward hears that Harper is in his club and asking for him he is ready to find her and send her back out the door, his club is no place a happily married woman. Seeing her after all this time has opened old wounds and caused regrets to resurface, and the idea of the good girl being in his sexy club has him on edge. He soon learns though that her life has undergone many changes since he last saw her, and she wants to embrace a side of herself that he never knew existed, and he is beyond surprised to learn that she believes he is the perfect person to help her feed her desires. Letting her back into his life could be damaging to his heart, but the idea of letting someone else help her explore this new side of herself isn't an option he's willing to consider, so he makes her a deal... just one night then they go their separate ways. Question is will one night be enough for these two?

Between the cover and the synopsis for this one I was expecting a heated little tale, but the minute I dived into it I started to suspect I may be about to find a whole lot more than I bargained for... and BOY OH BOY did I, this story was HOT!HOT!HOT! From the moment Rion appeared on the page I was completely captivated with him, and left with an insatiable urge to know everything about him... and I have to say I loved every little detail I learned!! I like my alphas dark and fierce, and he is by far one the fiercest I have met to date, he commanded my attention and had me at his mercy the whole way through!! I thoroughly enjoyed this story, it was empowering, sexy, and had me stepping a little outside of my comfort zone... and it was definitely worth every little step I took!! If you like your fairy tales packed with heat, then look no further, this one is sure to steam up your tablet and have to fanning yourself the whole way through!!

ARC requested through NetGalley, and kindly provided by Entangle Publishing-Scorched in exchange for a honest and unbiased review.


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