First In A New Series from Laura Marie Altom!

Book Title: Stepping Over the Line (Stepbrother#1)

By: Laura Marie Altom
Publisher: Random House Publishing Group - Loveswept
Red's Rating: 4 Stars

Garrett Marsden is all to familiar with wanting something that he can't have, long ago it was made clear that the woman he loved was off limits, mainly because she is his stepsister, in marriage only, and it has been haunting him for years. One night five years ago she took him by complete surprise and confessed that she too was fighting an attraction, an attraction for him, and that night he allowed her to act on their desire, with the thought they might really be onto something, but the minute their elicit little affair was over she introduced him to her boyfriend, and it completely crushed any hope that Garrett had about them ever being together. So, he made the painful decision to let her go, knowing she had found happiness with someone else, pretty much sealed the deal for him. And shortly there after he found himself heading for jail, for circumstances beyond his control, and hasn't heard from her since... but now that he has been released he is thinking it might be time to reconnect!

Savannah Boudreaux let her dark desires for her step-brother get the best of her five years ago, and it spawned a one night affair, that changed the course of her life in ways she never thought possible. She is now a single mother to a five year old son and also a small town physician, he life couldn't be much better than it is right now...maybe with the exception of her son's father being part of their lives. The question is... does he want to be part of theirs?

This was my first experience with Ms. Alton's work, and I have to say I was quite impressed with what I read, and moved to add more of her stories to my reading lists. This story captivated my attention from the first sentence and held on tight right up until the very end. It's one of those stories that will steam up your tablet screen, steal the breath from your lungs, shed a few tears and keep you engaged the whole way through! Definitely one of the most impressive first reads that I have stumbled onto in a long while, I highly recommend you give it a try!!

ARC requested through NetGalley, and kindly provided by Random House Publishing Group - Loveswept in exchange for a honest and unbiased review.


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