Hot & Spicy New Read From Cathryn Fox!!

Book Title: Learning Curves
Author: Cathryn Fox
Publisher: Entangled Publishing LLC - Scorched
Red's Rating: 5 Stars

Billionaire Linc Blair is use to always getting what he wants, and so the minute that he sets his sights on conservative accountant Lauren Neill and makes his move, and she denies his attention it confuses him. He's never really had a woman not be interested in what he has to offer, normally all he has to do is flash his smile and it makes women weak in the knees, but with Lauren he's only met with irritation. Every encounter they share, his desire for her grows, but he just can't seem to convince her to take a chance on him, so he decides to go at her with a different angle... So, when he sees her rooting for the enemy hockey team, he decides to make a little wager, if her team loses she will be his for the weekend. Surprisingly she accepts his bet... now he just has to hope things go his way... 

Lauren Neill doesn't do bets, she's just not a gambling kind of woman, but the minute her crush issues a bet that would put her at his mercy for an entire weekend she finds herself giving in, and accepting his bet. The idea of spending a couple of days in his bed and having every one of her fantasies about him come to life has her tingling with anticipation, but a little bit nervous too, because she has no where near the experience he has. She's certain she can't offer him his usual fair, he on the other hand thinks she is just what he needs...

The minute I read the synopsis for this one and saw that Ms. Fox was at the helm I knew it would give me just what I was looking for... an opportunity to meet a irresistible new book boyfriend that is sure to take me on a hot and spicy literary escape that will leave me completely satisfied... and true to my thought Mr. Linc Blair gave me that and SO MUCH MORE! The second he walked onto the page he had my undivided attention, and had me swooning like a fool... the man is one sexy beast!! He completely won me over with his seductive one liners, smooth arrogance, and unwavering dedication to see to it that Lauren was well taken care of... all I can say it that Lauren is one lucky woman!! There wasn't a single thing about this delightfully sinful tale that I didn't absolutely love, once again Ms. Fox has created a true literary gem that is sure to leave readers completely satisfied... and maybe a little envious too!!

ARC requested through NetGalley, and kindly provided by Entangled Publishing, LLC - Entangled: Scorched in exchange for a honest and unbiased review.


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