Rush by Shae Ross Hits Shelves Today!!

The minute Priscilla Winslow slips on the Little Bo Peep costume she knows it's going to lead to a night of trouble, it has her completely out of her element and drawing attention that she isn't use to receiving off of the soccer field. After deflecting the attention of a few weirdos she unexpectedly meets someone who she thinks she may just have something in common with, but after a quick trip to the restroom she discovers that the moment has passed and her hairy suitor has disappeared. That is until she comes to his rescue during a brawl in the alley... she thinks she is doing a good deed until the cops show up and she lands herself in a jail cell and has her thinking she never should have put that damn costume on!

College Quarterback, Preston Rush is certain he has met the girl of his dreams the minute he spots Little Bo Peep, they meet in a crowded bar, have a moment loaded with chemistry and then she is gone... that is until she comes to his aid in the alley. Fighting in he alley isn't exactly how he thought he'd spend his evening, but it's what happened, and now his little alley adventure has landed him in jail alongside his little Peep! He promises her he will not let her suffer the consequences of his actions, but after some unforeseen circumstances he misses the opportunity to make good on his promise, which leads to her losing her spot on the soccer team, and him feeling like a complete jerk! He is determined to fix the situation, and prove to her that he keeps his promises, but she isn't so willing to accept his help!

The minute I saw the cover for this book I knew it was a book I had to get my hands on, and boy am I glad that I did, I absolutely loved this story!! It was a very captivating read, that kept me turning the pages and had me swooning the whole way through! I highly recommend you meet Priscilla and Preston, their story is certain to score a special place in your heart!!

ARC requested through NetGalley and kindly provided by Entangled Publishing, LLC - Embrace in exchange for a honest and unbiased review.



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