The Bad Boy's Baby (Hope Springs #3) by Cindi Madsen Hits Shelves Today!!

The minute Emma Walker gave into her desire and spent an evening with her longtime crush Cam Brantley her life took an unexpected turn, one that gave her a daughter, and made her a single mother. While it wasn't how she planned to do things in her life, she is certain that she wouldn't change a single thing, her daughter means the world to her and is the bright spot in her life. Between caring for her daughter, and her ailing grandmother, she has very little time for a social life, and she is okay with that, because she can't have afford to have any other distractions in her life right now. She has a new life plan in motion, and adding another distraction to the mix might derail it, she is hoping to finish up her work on a local B&B, and then pack her belongings and leave Hope Springs behind for a better life in the city. Everything seems to be falling right into place, that is, until Cam unexpectedly walks back into life...

After wrapping up his Army career Cam Brantley is ready to start a new chapter in his life, and he's hoping a move back home to Hope Springs will be just what he needs to get himself readjusted to civilian life. His brother Heath is remodeling the Mountain Springs B & B and cabins and could use his help, which sounds like the perfect way to start his new life...that is until he arrives on the job and runs into the gorgeous woman he spent one steamy night with two years ago. Seeing her again has stirred up memories, and peaked his interest, but little does he know she has been keeping a secret from him. There little hot and steamy night together made him a father, and that bit of news is something he wasn't prepared for at all. Because of his lackluster childhood he made the decision early on that being a father or husband was something that would never be in the cards for him, and now that the opportunity is staring him back in the face he is beginning to question his plan...

This charming little read grabbed my attention from the get go and had me flying right through the pages in search of what I hoped to be a heartwarming happy ending, and I am happy to report that I found that and so much more! This was my second time reading something from this author and I have to say I enjoyed it just as much as my first experience, her well crafted characters jumped off the pages and right into my heart, and stayed there long after the last page was turned! If you are looking for a light and heartwarming read to submerse yourself into then I highly recommend you give this one a try, it is sure to serve that purpose and have you smiling throughout!!

ARC requested through NetGalley, and kindly provided by Entangled Publishing, LLC - Bliss in exchange for a honest and unbiased review.



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