The Trouble with Temptation (The McKays #2) by Shiloh Walker Hits Shelves Today!!

Brannon McKay has had a deep seated infatuation with Hannah Parker for the last ten years, and when he finally gets his chance with her, he blows it big time!! They have always had this chemistry rolling around between them, but for the longest time they fought it, not wanting to possibly damage their friendship, but one night the temptation is just too strong and they give into their desire. The intense passion that Brannon feels for her is overwhelming, and it floods him with unexpected feelings, so he panics and ends things between them before they ever really get started... not realizing that he was making the biggest mistake of his life until it was too late!! When he discovers she's been injured in a car accident the reality of his mistake hits him, and now he knows he must do all he can to get her back... the problem is that she has amnesia and doesn't really remember much of their history, nor the night that they shared that left her pregnant. With her life in danger, and the life of his child at stake Brannon must do all he can to protect them, and make her believe that what they have is worth fighting to remember!

Waking up without the slightest clue to who you are is an extremely troubling situation, but adding in the fact that your expecting a child, and you haven't the slightest clue to whom the father is is even more devastating to learn... and far more than Hannah Parker thinks she can handle. She can remember very little of the life she lived before her accident and only recognizes one person...a man by the name of Brannon McKay. She is unsure what he means to her, but the minute she sees him she knows that he is important to her, and he stimulates feelings in her that she can't really understand or explain. When he gives her a little bit of their back story she isn't so sure she can trust him, but soon realizes she doesn't really have a choice, since she doesn't really have anyone else to rely on, so she puts her faith in him and hopes he won't let her down. Little does she know her life is in danger, and there is a killer on the loose and her name is at the top of his list... problem is no one knows who he is except her... and she can't remember a single thing about him!

The minute I cracked this book open my obsession with this family hit me full force and had me on a mission to find answers that were left dangling from the first installment in the series... and boy did I find them, and a whole lot more that I wasn't expecting!! This addictive page-turner held me captive from the time I started til the last page was turned last night... and it's still lingering with me yet today!! This series just keeps getting better, and continues to keep me on the edge of seat and wanting more!! I loved every minute of this story and getting a more in-depth view of Mr. Brannon McKay, and I can't wait to see what Ms. Walker has in store for his sister Moira McKay and hunky police chief, Gideon Marshall! 

If you like your fairy tales packed with steamy romance, and spine-tingling mystery that keeps you on the edge of your seat than this series is perfect for you!! The minute you meet this family they'll pull you into their world and take you on a literary thrill ride that will have you holding on for dear life!!

ARC requested through NetGalley and kindly provided by St. Martin's Paperbacks in exchange for a honest and unbiased review.



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