Newest Addition To Ms. Gray's Boosted Heart Series!!


Boosted Hearts #2

Author: Sherilee Gray

Publisher: Smashwords Edition

Red's Rating: 5 Super Sexy Stars!!

Joe Colton made a deal with the devil, and now he finds himself boosting car's each month to uphold his part of the deal and repay his old man's debt to a the local crime boss. The debt use to rest on his brother's shoulders, and his brother is under the assumption that the debt was taken care of a year ago and their family was finally in the clear from the devil, but Joe decided it was time for his brother to live his life, and decided to take on the burden and had the debt transferred. In doing so, he also found himself being constantly followed by one the devil's workers, a beautiful woman who also has a starring role in all of Joe's dreams at night. He shared a brief kiss with the beautiful stranger one night, and the she was gone... now she is always lurking in the shadows watching him... and as much as he tries to stay angry at her for deceiving him, he can't help but feel a little excited knowing she's there!

After her mother died, Darcey Connors little brother was left to live with the devil, and from that point on Darcey made it her mission to save him, and find a way to get him back and living with her full time. Even if it means making a deal with said Devil, so now she finds herself tailing one the crime bosses workers, night after night, making sure he is doing all he signed on to do. And night after night she falls deeper in love with the man, she'd give anything to be the woman he goes home to every night, but after he learned her true identity he wants nothing to do with her...

I have been anxiously awaiting for the opportunity to return to this series, and get myself better acquainted with another one of Ms. Gray's OH SO charming and sexy characters... and I have to say Joe Colton did not disappoint!! The minute he came into my view I knew my heart was in serious trouble, he was everything I like in an alpha character and SO much more!! He was the complete package, sexy, cocky, caring, sweet, domineering and a bit of a smart ass with a true gift for witty one liners!! Once again Ms. Gray has created a story that is sure to readers take readers on a truly exceptional literary escape, and leave them with a happy heart, and a book boyfriend they'll never want to forget!!

ARC given in exchange for a honest and unbiased review.

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