First In A New Series From Lisa Marie Perry!

Meant To Be Mine

Series: Guilty Pleasures
Author: Lisa Marie Perry
Publisher: Forever- Grand Central 
Red's Rating: 5 Delectable Stars!!

Sofia Mercer has been dealt a lot at her young age, but every negative thing she's been hit with she's taken in stride and found a way to overcome it. She prides herself on being a strong woman, one that can handle just about anything... but when she returns to her hometown to take care of her aunt's affairs after she passes, and comes face to face with the man who broke her heart years ago it rattles her to her core. She knows getting close to him again could be dangerous on her heart so she is determined to keep him at a arms length, but after one earth shattering kiss she is left questioning everything. And left with an desire she never anticipated... to stay!

Burke Wolf is a man with many demons, one of those being letting the woman he loved go years ago, and he's never been able to move past that mistake, it haunts him all the time. So, learning she is making the trip home to handle her aunt's affairs is music to his ears, it means there's a slim chance he can find a way back into her life again... and possibly back into her heart. Problem is the last time he had that chance with her it crashed and burned, and left them both wounded beyond repair...

The moment I picked up this book and flipped to the first page I felt an addiction settle over me, one that I knew wasn't going to let go anytime soon... not until I had devoured every last delectable page. From the very first chapter I found myself being ingrained in these characters lives, dangling helplessly from every uttered word, feeling the emotion intended behind every one, and feeling the impression of pain and suffering as if I were experiencing first hand. This story completely blew me away, just when I thought I could see where things were going I was hit with another level of feeling that hit me deep, and changed my way of thinking. This is a love story, but its also a story of redemption, forgiveness, hope, and gives you a very accurate perception of how messy true, honest, love can be... and I loved every damn minute of it!! It's one of those stories that sneaks up on you, and knocks your world off it's axis, and when it's done your left there sitting saying WOW!! This is my first experience with Ms. Perry's work, and I have to say this is by far one of the most impressive first reads I have ever had the pleasure of reading... she got me good!... and instantly turned me into a lifelong fan!!

ARC given by the publisher in exchange for a honest and unbiased review.

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