Something New from Jolyse Barnett!

Text Me, Maybe
Author: Jolyse Barnett
Publisher: Entangled Lovestruck
Red's Rating: 4 Charming Stars!!

Lexie Bloom left her small town life behind to take a crack at her dreams of being a playwright in the big city, and in order to keep those dreams afloat she had to take on a job of being an assistant to the less than pleasant Ms. Swan. She also decides to take advantage of the gym at her workplace and train for a upcoming 5K, where she meets a very sexy trainer named Matt. She could easily fall for him, but after spending a few minutes with him she immediately knows she is way out of his league... but she isn't opposed to a little shameless flirting! Around the same time her boss has decided she'd like to go on a date with one of the gym's trainers and asks her to set up a date with him, he also just so happens to be a Lit professor. Lexie then takes to texting Mr. Sexy Professor, all the while acting as her boss, in an attempt to woo him and get her boss a date. But after sharing many flirty texts with him she starts to fall for him herself, despite also having a little crush on Matt. Little does she know though Matt and her bosses sexy trainer/professor are the same man!

The minute Matthew Hennessey meets his new client Lexie he becomes smitten with her, and is interested in exploring something more than just a trainer/client type relationship. But before he can make his move he starts receiving flirty texts from another woman, he soon realizes though that they aren't coming from the woman who is trying to win him over, they are actually coming from her assistant who just so also happens to be his new shy client Lexie. He decides this might be the best way to get to know her better so he decides to play along with her charade... but what happens when Lexie discovers the truth, and finds out he's being lying to her all along?

It was a true pleasure to meet Lexie & Matt, the undeniable chemistry between these two was like a magnet that pulled me right into their world and had me hanging intently onto their every word. Their unique, and oh so, charming story was brimming with romantic comedy, laced heartfelt emotion, and packed with some heated moments that had me in dire need of a fan! This one turned out to be a very enjoyable first read for me, and left me looking forward to reading more from this author in the very near future, and I highly recommend you give it a try, these two are sure to win you over!!

ARC requested through NetGalley, and kindly provided by Entangled Publishing, LLC - Lovestruck in exchange for a honest and unbiased review.

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