A New Sexy MUST Read From Jennifer Blackwood!

Landing The Air Marshal
Series: Snowpocalypse #1
Author: Jennifer Blackwood
Publisher: Entangle Publishing 
Red's Rating: 5 OH SO SEXY STARS!!

While suffering a case of flight jitters Abby Winters meets the oh so calming and oh so gorgeous Gage Michaels, the minute the plane their riding on hits a little turbulence she grabs the nearest body and holds on tight...a body that belongs to Gage! And from that point on the sparks just keep getting more intense and she soon finds herself doing something completely out of her normal buttoned up character... and decides to take a short journey on the wild side. One that has her spending a night with a very sexy air marshal...

The minute Gage Michaels sits down beside the sexy, but very uptight, Abby Winters he can't help but wonder what she is like in the bedroom. After a little conversation, some rough turbulence, and his flying skills come into play, the sparks start flying.... and he soon finds himself having an opportunity to answer his question! 

The minute I started this seductive little tale I was completely enamored with these two, Gage and Abby's story grabbed my attention and had me flying right through the pages in search of a sexy little happy ever after, and I have to say I got A LOT more than I bargained for... it was SO DAMN HOT!!! While their relationship started off a little unconventional, it ended up being the best thing to ever happen to both of them. Neither of them expected their mile high adventure to yield something other than a little between the sheets fun, so when love came into play they were a little hesitant about embracing it... but the white hot chemistry they shared kept pulling them back together and had reaching for a fan!! This story was nothing short of amazing, and I highly recommend you get your hands on it... it's sure to keep flying through the pages, and squirming in your seat!!

ARC given by Entangled Publishing in exchange for a honest and unbiased review.

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