A Sexy New Read From Stacey Lynn!!

Dirty Player
Series: Rough Riders #1
Author: Stacey Lynn
Red's Rating: 5 AMAZING STARS!! 

Shannon Hale thought she had everything she could possibly want in life, then in an instant her entire life was turned upside down, the wedding dress she had planned to wear down the aisle became a shredded heap of material, and the life she had created with her fiance was only visible in her rear view mirror. Finding out he was unfaithful crushed her, and the only thing that felt right was to run, so she loaded up what belongings she could and headed to the one place she knew where she'd could find support, her brother's place. She has every intention of starting over, creating her own life, free of men, but the minute she meets Tight End Oliver Powell, her plan goes to hell... as much as she tries to resist the sexy football players charms, he finds a way to sneak under her radar and into her heart. And into her bed...

Oliver Powell has been burnt by love once and he has no intention of ever letting it happen again, so he takes on this arrogant playboy persona to keep woman from wanting more than just a night, and it seems to be working just fine, until he meets Shannon Hale. Something about her has him abandoning every plan he has in place when it comes to love, and relationships, and it's got him totally off of his game. He sets out with the intention of only one night with her in hopes it will quench his desire, but he soon learns that one night will never be enough when it comes to her... she has ingrained herself into every facet of his life, and as much as that should scare him it doesn't... 

This sinfully sexy tale had me completely addicted in a matter of minutes and ready to abandoned everything else around me just so I could get my fix.... and man did I ever find it!!! These two definitely had and used every tool in their arsenal to heat up the pages!!! The chemistry they shared was evident the minute they laid eyes on one another, and with each encounter that followed it just continued to smolder, and there was no denying it... no matter how much Shannon tried! She was a worthy opponent to the OH SO powerful Mr. Powell, and she did all she could to resist his charms, but his dirty one liners eventually wore her down!! And I have their steamy little battle made for one hell first read for me, and definitely one of the most memorable I have had in a while!! It not only introduced me to a very talented new author, but also made for one completely blissful, and sinfully delightful reading escape!! Highly recommend you get your hands on this one, you will not be disappointed!!

ARC given by the publisher, via Social Butterfly PR, in exchange for a honest and unbiased review.

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