Another Fantastic Read From Jennifer Dawson!!

She's My Kind Of Girl
Series: A Something New Novella
Author: Jennifer Dawson
Publisher: Kensington Books-Zebra
Red's Rating: 4 Heartwarming Stars!!

Darcy Miller storms into Revival, Illinois on a mission to save her mother's home, and runs smack dab into the man who broke her heart ten years ago when he chose to stay in their little hometown instead of following her to the big city. Nothing could have prepared her for seeing Griffin Strong, he is even more gorgeous now than he was ten years ago, and the sparks they shared then instantly return when they come face to face with one another. She'd love nothing more than to give into the attraction and the sparks arcing between them, but he is the enemy... the man trying to take her mother's home, and she isn't about to let him win this war!!

Griffin Strong lost the love of his life ten years ago when she chose to leave their small town for the big city, and he has thought of her often in the last ten years. Back then they were the town misfits, but now he has turned over a new leaf, and is the town mayor and is doing all he can to breath new life into his hometown, and in order for that to happen he must convince his ex's mother to sell her home. He knows he is asking a lot of her, but the land her home sits on is perfect for the new development project he has in mind, so he makes her a generous offer, but she refuses, and even calls in reinforcements... his ex Darcy. The minute Darcy breezes back into his life she turns it upside down and has him wanting to do things the good mayor should not be doing... he knows that there is no way he can let her walk away again, but there is no way he is deserting his little town!

It has been a while since I have last visited the residents of Revival, Illinois, but after a chapter into the story, I was pulled right back into the thick of things, and it felt as if I had never left. This charming little story capture my attention from the get go and had me flying through the pages in search of what I hoped to be a very well deserved second chance for the sexy mayor and the beautiful and feisty girl who stole his heart, and I am happy to report I found that and SO much more!! If you have not made a trip to Revival and met Ms. Dawson's endearing characters I HIGHLY recommend you remedy that very soon, they are certain to leave you with a happy heart, and reaffirm your belief in second chances!!

ARC requested through NetGalley, and kindly provided by Kensington Books - Zebra in exchange for a honest and unbiased review.

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